The Essentials of Social Media Success

What goes into a successful social media campaign? It is not as easy as some may think…

Social media is flooded daily with advertisements, personal posts, news stories, and more. With so much content out there these days, it is vital to stand out if you want your message to be remembered. Without creativity and innovation, a post on social media is easily forgotten.

A major key to standing out from the other millions of posts on the Gram or Twitter, or any other platform is being different. Let’s take a look a campaign thought of by humans, but carried out by sheep. Yes, sheep.

If you look up the Faroe Islands, located in Europe, on Google Maps, you will find there is a “sheep view” of the islands. Sheep View is actually pretty self explanatory, as it is just photographs and images taken from the perspective of sheep living on the islands. Thought of by Durita Andreassen, with the intentions of getting the Faroe Islands on Google Street View, the plan was to have sheep strapped with solar powered cameras, allowing them to roam their lands, while snapping beautiful pictures along their way. This idea was different enough to stand out and catch the attention of Google, who then decided to not only place Faroe Islands on Street View, but to also help the sheep out by loaning 360-degree cameras.

Another great way to attain success through social media campaigning is encouraging the public to join in. A good way to create a buzz around your campaign is by asking for people’s own opinions, or to partake in fun activities, as humans like to feel apart of something special. Leggo asked kids to build a “Kronkiwongi,” allowing kids to co-create with the brand. This notion got people buzzing about Leggo because 1. what even is a Kronkiwongi and 2. I know so many kids who would love to participate in defining the term through building. Another example of getting attention through the use of public is DrunkStick’s Periscope event. This event allowed people to livestream what a carefree summer meant to them. This allows people to show off their individuality, while also showcasing how much fun they are having. The more people share their fun summer activities, the more people watch, which in turn encourages more people to join in on the trend. After all, social media campaigns should be social.

Social media is a fun new way to communicate with people, whether you are a brand or just a person with a phone. The key to being successful is to avoid being flooded out by the other millions of posts with creativity, versatility, personable, and different.



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